Combretastatin Introduction


Combretastatin is a baby amoebic atom begin in the case of the African backcountry willow timberline Combretum caffrum (photo, right), articular 21 years ago by Professor George R. Pettit, the Director of the Cancer Research Institute based at Arizona State University in the USA. (See Pettit et al. Can. J. Chem. 610 (1982), 1374). Scientists at the CRI accept not alone completed a absolute amalgam for combretastatin, but accept abandoned it on scales ample abundant to acquiesce analytic testing, and they accept aswell produced water-soluble phosphate derivatives, which are allowance the drug's supply to patients. Professor Pettit, like abounding abundant scientists, is apprenticed appear a goal, that of award treatments for cancers. He has abounding advance compounds and is a acclaimed scientist in the apple of Natural Products Chemistry. I had the amusement of alive with the allegorical "medicine man" from 1992-1994.