The efficacy and effect of ordinary aloe flowers and aloe barbadensis flowers

barbadensis flowers

Today, I’d like to share some knowledge of the functions of aloe vera flower and a special aloe flower---Aloe barbadensis flower.

At first, let's talk about the functions of aloe flower.

1. Aloe vera flower can be processed into soap, lubricating oil and other articles for daily use.

2. Aloe vera flower tea can be boiled to regulate women's endocrine, clearing the intestines to lose weight. For some obese women, drinking aloe vera flower tea can lose weight without side effects.

3. Aloe vera flowers have the effects of lowering blood pressure, blood sugar and blood fat.

4. Aloe vera flower can be used for maintaining beauty, keeping young, nourishing yin, and promoting blood circulation, mainly for some women with pretty much toxins in the body as it can remove toxins, and whiten skin.

The effects of aloe vera flowers on cosmetics is amazing. It has the following skincare effects.

1. Whitening: Natural anthraquinone glycoside is a natural whitening and sunscreen ingredient in Aloe vera, which can effectively prevent ultraviolet light from stimulating the activity of tyrosinase and stop the formation and deposition of melanin. Therefore, it has good effects of brightening skin, eliminating dark yellow complexion, and whitening. 

2. Dispel freckles: Aloe vera contains amino acids and vitamins that the body cannot synthesize itself, which can effectively stabilize melanin-active enzymes. It can decompose and inhibit the activity of enzymes, promote the rapid decomposition and metabolism of formed melanin, prevent melanin from forming again, thus achieving the effects of whitening and dispelling freckles.

3. Anti-aging/anti-wrinkle: Superoxide dismutase (SOD) with aloe polysaccharide as the core has an important role in scavenging free radicals, preventing cell aging and treating chronic allergies. It can also accelerate the cells to divide and revitalize, and can quickly penetrate into the basic layer of human skin; meanwhile, it is capable of promoting the activation of skin cells, delaying cell aging, and restoring skin elasticity and firmness.

4.Wound healing and healing: Aloe polypeptide and amino acid have anti-inflammatory, analgesic and skin-repairing effects. They can also treat skin inflammation, healing well acnes, freckles, and burns, knife wounds and mosquito bites.

5.Natural sunscreen and repair: Natural mucopolysaccharide has the function of absorbing and blocking ultraviolet rays, and can block solar rays including infrared rays (770 nm), visible light (400-770 nm), and ultraviolet rays (400 nm). It can prevent the formation of skin redness, sunburn and brown spots, and has anti-x-ray effect, while preventing skin cancer. Aloe polysaccharide has the function of post-sun repair. Aloe polysaccharide can promote the growth of tissue cortex fiber, provide cell nutrients, help cell repair, promote cell metabolism, and effectively repair sunburned skin.

6.Moisturizing and hydrating: Aloe vera can form a thin layer of breathable film on the surface of the skin while penetrating deep into the skin, blocking the evaporation of skin moisture. The polysaccharide components and amino acids after infiltration into the skin have very obvious hydrating, moisturizing, and softening effects, enhancing the adsorption and water repellency of the stratum corneum so that the skin that loses elasticity and the dry stratum corneum quickly achieve the effect of activation and water filling, thus restoring the original smoothness, softness and good elasticity of the skin.

7. Bactericidal anti-inflammatory and remove acnes: Natural aloe polypeptide can enhance the skin's resistance, deeply cleanse the skin, inhibit bacterial growth, and have a good effect on skin inflammation, especially on acnes. It can quickly repair damaged skin cells, clear occluded pores, effectively remove acnes, and repair scars left after removing acnes. Aloe vera tincture is a highly antibacterial substance that kills fungi, molds, bacteria, viruses and other pathogens, and inhibits and eliminates the development and reproduction of pathogens.

Then let's talk about an awesome aloe vera flower---Aloe barbadensis flower. 

Aloe barbadensis flower is the essence of Aloe barbadensis, and is has many effects and functions. Aloe barbadensis flower is a flower of Aloe barbadensis plant. Generally, Aloe barbadensis blossoms for over three years, and flowers blossom once a year. The flowering period is up to three months, so the aloe flower is very precious. Aloe barbadensis flower has the effects of cooling blood stasis, relieving cough, detoxifying and clearing fat, relieving liver and protecting the intestines, and is usually used for cough, hemoptysis, vomiting blood, gonorrhea, etc. After the Aloe barbadensis flower being dried, it's fragrant, sweet, and tasty when boiled with water. The tea of Aloe barbadensis has bright color, fragrant smell, and slightly sticky taste, making people feel comfortable as its active ingredients are all involved. It is effective for acne muscles and good for the stomach!

In addition to the efficacy and function of ordinary aloe flower, it also has the following effects:

1.A quite effective cure for cold and cough.
I have been weak and sick for a long time, and I often cough at night. A traditional Chinese doctor recommended that I drink aloe vera tea, and then I have been drinking it which has a very good effect for improving immunity. I specially searched it in Baidu Encyclopedia. No sooner it was delivered to us than I boiled it with some crystal sugar for kids. The taste was still as fragrant as that of several years before. My elder son took aloe flowers to cure his cough caused by lung heat, which was proved effective. However, aloe flowers are sometimes so rare that we haven't got it for more then a decade!     

2. Effects of detoxification, clearing the fat, and protecting liver
Aloe vera flower tea has a good effect on detoxifying, clearing fat and relieving liver. Because of the need to engage in social activities in work regularly, after drinking too much, you can go home and drink a cup of aloe vera tea. You can feel much better just after drinking it and your head won't hurt next day. It's indeed a bit expensive that a pack of Aloe vera flower tea is not enough for a long-time consumption.

3. The role of loosening bowel to relieve constipation
Aloe vera flowers are still very tasty, and its taste is quite strong. I usually buy it for my mother because she has the habitual constipation,  frequent intestines, and abdominal pain. After drinking this, she said that it was very effective for moistening the dry digestive apparatus, and wanted to buy some later.