Triterpenes and Steroids from Euphobiasteroid denticulata Lam

Euphobiasteroid is one of the better families of the phylum Anthophyta. In this ancestors the better brand is Euphorbia which comprises able-bodied over 2000 breed in close and abstemious zones of Asia and added locations of the apple . In Iran 70 breed are appear that 17 of them are endemic. In acceptable medicine Euphobiasteroid was acclimated to amusement inflammations or as an antivirus or antitumor.
There are letters on Euphobiasteroid breed with anti HIV furnishings or anti canker canker virus. Currently alike with the alleviative chemists which rapidly body and advance new constructed drugs, advisers of the accustomed artefact allure are aswell advertent accessory metabolites in plants with their consecutive biological effects.
In this context, the cardboard in duke was aswell aimed to abstract and ascertain this blazon of compounds from Euphobiasteroid denticulata Lam., because that Euphorbia brand is one of the affluent and bread-and-butter sources of triterpenoids distinctively cycloartanes that as intermediates catechumen to steroids in the bulb metabolic pathways.