The effects of Isosakuranetin

Isosakuranetin (ISK; 5,7-dihydroxy 4′-methoxy flavanone) is a bulb address with accepted cytotoxic and fungicide properties.
When activated on aureate basis segments at a absorption of 70μM it inhibited K+ abased H+ banishment and net uptake of K+, while abrogation the film abeyant (PD) unaltered. Fusicoccin (FC) + ISK analysis resulted in a slight film depolarization, while ISK abandoned did not adapt O2 burning or another oxidase activity. ISK did not access the pyruvate agreeable in incubated basis tissues or arrest Fe2+ uptake. The empiric bead in K+ net uptake depended on a abatement in K+ arrival into the cell, arch to the advancement that ISK may act on aureate basis segments as an inhibitor of K+ permeation.
The abridgement of proton arising and film disruption by ISK fabricated this admixture a anemic applicant as a phytoalexin, and suggesting a above role as an allelopathic molecule.