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Product name:Trimedlure


Molecular Formula:C12H21ClO2

Molecular Weight:232.746940

Descriptions:Trimedlure [t-Butyl-2-methyl-4-chlorocyclohexanecarboxylate] - a powerful lure for the Mediterranean Fruit Fly (Ceratitis capitata) is used to detect incipient manifestations of the injurious insect. Trimedlure provides a successful monitoring program by timing pesticide sprays more accurately. The trap design used for monitoring a variety of insects species is the Wing Trap, a disposable plastic coated cardboard trap known as the Pherecon IC. The bottom is the sticky tray which captures the insect and where the lure has to be placed. A new novel approach to controlling the insect problem is by mating disruption. This involves saturating an area with the female pheromone so the males cannot find the females to mate with.

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