Carbopol Aqua SF-1 polymer

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Carbopol Aqua SF-1 polymer

Product name:Carbopol Aqua SF-1 polymer

Chemical name:Acrylates Copolymer

Product Description:
·Milky, White Polymeric Dispersion in Water
·Contains 30% Active Polymer 
·Low Characteristic Odor (Mild Acrylic)
Characteristics and Application:  
An acrylates copolymer rheology modifier that provides the convenience of a liquid while delivering unique benefits to surfactant-based cleansing products. Designed to impart efficient suspending and stabilizing, as well as thickening properties, to formulations containing high levels of surfactants.
Carbopol  Aqua SF-1 polymer is a novel, liquid, acrylic rheology modifier designed to suspend, stabilize, thicken, and enhance the appearance of surfactant-based personal cleansing products.

·Easy-to-Use Liquid Form 
·Suspension and Stabilization  
·Thickening and Flow Control 
·Clear Formulations 
·pH Flexibility 
·Excellent Compatibility 
·Synergistic Thickening with Salt 
·Stunning Enhancement of Pearlization

Carbopol Aqua SF-1 polymer was specifically designed to provide efficient suspending and stabilizing, as well as thickening properties, to surfactant-based personal cleansing products including: 
·Clear Shampoos and Bath Gels 
·Pearlescent Shampoos 
·2-in-1 Conditioning Shampoos 
·Anti-Dandruff Shampoos 
·Color Shampoos with Cationic Dyes 
·Conditioning Body Washes 
·Clear Facial Cleansers 
·Skin Scrubs 
·Low pH Applications (Salicylic Acid Shampoo)

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