Organophosphate ELISA kit

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Organophosphate ELISA kit

Product name:Organophosphate ELISA kit
Storage:Avoid exposure to sunlight,Keep dry
Shelf life:2 years
Principle:This is a qualitative detection method of organic phosphate and organic phosphate. Cholinesterase inhibitors for the modification. Acetyl cholinesterase (ACh - E) hydrolysis acetylthiocholine (ATC), can however ATC with 5, 5 '- Dithio - bis (2 - NitrobenzoicAcid)/DTNB reaction generated yellow can be read at 405 nm absorbance values. If samples and organic phosphate and organic phosphate ester, then they will inhibit the activity of the ACh - E, affect the color reaction. Organic phosphate and organic phosphate detection limit related to their inhibition of enzyme activity. If you can only confirm samples contain organic phosphate and organic phosphate ester, the determination and the right standard combination can be quantitative detection.

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